Do you need fast, easy-to-deploy data analytics solutions that aligns with the principles of agile? eazyBI is the easy business intelligence for agile teams.

As an eazyBI partner, we can help you unlock faster time to value and better collaborations between data and agile teams.

Awesome Services


Need your data to be loaded into an analytics tool fast? Our experienced team can help you realize your data's value faster and more effectively.

Data Preparation

Do you have data but confused on where to start? Or perhaps your data is all over the place and you need a sanity check to gather what you actually have into a centralized and structured source? You bet we can help you sort things out.


If you prefer to enrich your team to be more independent in managing your data, you bet we can help, too.

Data consultation

Do you need help working out on what kinds of data your organization should start to collect? Contact us and we can help you design and execute your data roadmap.

Custom Reports, Charts, and Dashboards

Create custom reports, charts, and dashboards with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop report builder. Create new tables, charts, reports, and dashboards with just a couple of clicks. Quickly discover new insights and opportunities with all your data at your fingertips.

Interactive Data Analysis and Visualization

Explore and analyze your data with an instant feedback. Start with a summary and dig into details to examine your business data with multi-dimensional analysis. Drill-in or across other dimensions right from the report. Find actionable insights, trends, and opportunities, make smart and data-driven decisions.

Many Data Sources

Import your data from popular web applications, databases, or files.